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Why Water Polo

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Did you know water polo started at North Allegheny in 2001?  Since that time it has created strong athletes with a very bright future!   Players start as early as elementary school and as late as 10th grade.  We offer water polo year-round, or seasonally for the multi-sport athlete. Players from our program have gone on to play at DI, DII and DIII college programs across the country.  We have had nationally recognized players in our program along with all-Americans and countless All-State players.  It has been part of the story for WPIAL and national record holding swimmers along with multiple All-American swimmers.  

So why play water polo?  Continue on...

  • It is a thrilling game to play AND to watch. Water polo allows student-athletes to experience the thrill of competing in a team sport.   It is as much of a team sport as basketball, hockey or lacrosse with every player feeding off the talent and focus of one another.  Once players hit North Allegheny high school, students can participate in highly competitive boys and girls teams.  While competitive, it is a no-cut sport where you will have an opportunity to earn a letter.  Water polo is also recognized by the PIAA. Each person will be developed to their fullest ability and level of commitment.  Talk about fun...check out this snippet from the 2019 state championship game. 
  • Creates resilience and mental toughness:  The foundation of success in life We know that the ability to pursue a goal even in the face of challenges is a hallmark of successful people.  Water polo is a fun, team-based sport that is action-packed but it is well known to be a tough sport, too.  You will learn how to overcome your own perceived limitations, push yourself with others to achieve what you might not have thought was possible, and learn mental toughness as you work through the strength, endurance and mental demands of practices and competition.  Check out this article from USA Water Polo
  • A great compliment to the swimmer or other dual-sport athletes!  The club experience can be year-round if desired but you can also pick-and-choose the seasons that make the most sense for you.  At the high school varsity level, water polo throughout PA is a fall sport and coincides perfectly with the swimming season.  If swimming is your “main” sport it will help increase your strength and endurance while giving you variety in the pool.  It is also an excellent companion sport to many winter and spring sports.  It has been well established that burn-out is enemy number one for youth athletes and variety is an antidote!  Further, some of the best aquatic programs in the state strongly encourage their swimmers to play water polo.    Water polo and swimming are perfect partners in terms of their seasons and the cross-training benefits provided.  Listen to this discussion of how the two sports can work together. 
  • The coaches are top-shelf and can help players achieve peak-performance! Our head coach Damir Matanovic (Coach Mata) has coached several national teams globally.  He is supported by a former Division I water polo athlete, Max Staresinic and former NA goalie Allie.  Jim Staresinic who is a member of the USA Water Polo National Team staff is a source of coaching and development expertise while the strength and conditioning program is led by the unstoppable Corky Semler.  
  • Water polo creates an outstanding academic and athletic future for the athlete. It has legs! Water polo creates opportunities at the next level.  Colleges offer scholarships and these tend to be at some of the most selective schools in the country.  Players have been admitted into schools that may have passed them by if it were not for water polo.  Many of our alumni played or are currently playing in college.  Admission offices recognize the demanding nature of the sport and the dedication required.  Employers understand the same.  Our athletes go on to achieve success because of their experience with water polo and the lessons it teaches.  

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