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HPUSC Spring 2023 Season startup - Registration open!

Published by HPUSC Registrar
Jan 17, 2023

HPUSC Spring 2023 Season startup


Hello members,

HPUSC is proud to announce the opening of registration for Spring 2023 REC Soccer.

At this time, HPUSC is planning on a continuation of the previous season rules - practices and games between HPUSC club and cross-town teams, with spectators continuing to adhere to our social distancing policies.  We have successfully returned to inter-league play with other towns and most age groups last fall and will continue to do so this season, until such time as guidelines from our governing bodies may be changed.

For any questions related to the registration system or the upcoming season please e-mail the club registrar at registrar@hpusc.org.

Here’s a quick recap of the Fall 2021 Season's guidelines which as of now are still in place:

-       The Spring 2023 season will have both in-town and cross-town league play, depending on the age division and intent by our surrounding towns

-       Registration will be closed on March 17th

-       There will be NO EXCEPTIONS for late registrations!  Please be aware of the deadlines and plan accordingly - we’re sorry but we will not be able to enroll you past the registration close deadline

-       Payment is expected at time of registration.  However, if you need assistance or have special circumstances you may e-mail the Club Registrar for options.  All payments MUST be completed by Friday, March 31st.

-       Any payments not received by Friday 3/31 will result in your child being de-registered automatically.  Re-enrollment is possible, however a late fee will be assessed.

-       There will be NO REFUNDS once the season has started

-       All participants (including family as spectators) will be required to follow general COVID-19 safety protocols as outlined by current local and state ordinances.  Practices and games will be stopped as necessary and return to play only when all guidelines are being followed. 

As always, we appreciate your continued support of our organization.  It is our mission to continue to foster the love of the game and its positive effects on our community.  Thank you.