Secondary Insurance - NFL Flag Players

Published by Leslie Monroe
Mar 29, 2018


Once you register your child for a local NFL FLAG League (SCYF Flag Players Only), you can visit and create a parent account to access resources and complete the participation agreement for your player for them to be eligible for the secondary insurance.

Step 1: Create your parent account here and complete all the required fields and associate with your child’s league.

Click the box to associate, and select the Parent Role Type, and then search for your league by name in the search field.

Step 2: Once you are logged into your account, you can click the blue View Details button next to your league name. This will direct you to the Manage Players section.

Step 3: Add your player/child by completing all the required information and clicking to agree to the participation agreement and terms of service.

After you add your player, your league organizer will see your information as well as your player’s information on their Dashboard. Your player will officially be eligible for secondary insurance.

The participation agreement is valid for a year, you do not have to complete one for each season your child participates with the league.