2021 CESC Fall Travel Soccer Registration

Published by Aaron Agrodnia
Mar 26, 2021


Registration for fall travel soccer is now open and will close on April 16th at 9pm with no guarantee of a late registration period.  

When you register through Capesoccer.net or this link (https://system.gotsport.com/programs/6V0826128?reg_role=player), you will be directed to the GotSport website.   This is a new system for SoccerMaine.  Many of you registered last year on the similarly-named (but different!) GotSoccer, an old platform.  Those accounts have been transferred to the new GotSport.  You do not need to set up a new account if you played in the fall but the new GotSport site will require you to take a couple of extra steps to verify your account, passwords, etc.   If you are playing this spring you should be all set in the system and have no access issues.  You can use this link to learn how to use the new system with this:


This should answer many questions.   Another aspect of note, it has taken a few minutes for password reset and other help emails to come through from this company.  Do not expect a reset email within 15 seconds. 

Registration will be open from March 26th- April 16th at 9pm.    At that time, it will close. There is no guarantee of a late registration period after the open registration period ends, although we have opened late registration in the past for certain age groups, depending upon numbers.  If a late registration period opens, we will be creating a waiting list from those registrations as there will be no guarantee we can place your child.  Anyone who moves to town following our open registration period and wishes to play, will be placed at the top of the waiting list, as they were not here during open registration.  

Registration costs remain the same as 2020: $150.   In May, a separate uniform order link will be sent to all registrants who need one, however, we are keeping the same kit as in years past in hopes that many will be able to get another season out of it.  If your child does need a new uniform, you will need to order it in the short window to do so.   Uniform costs are approximately $65 and it will be mailed directly to your house.  The uniform cost is in addition to the registration fee.