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Yes Footie - Youth: Age: 8-12 (grades 3 - 7)

Sport Yes Footie - Youth: Age: 8-12 (grades 3 - 7)
Casual soccer for fun in an open structure with mentoring on pitch coaches.
Limited Availability. Hurry up.
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Program Details
Program start date: Jul 04, 2023
Program end date: Sep 30, 2023
Male, Female
Eligible for grade starting from: 3rd
Eligible for grade ending with: 7th
Eligibility text
Youth ages 8-12
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Limited Availability
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One time payment
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Jun 21, 2023
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Yes Footie (youth)

This is the youth version of the Yes Footie Adult program. For all skills levels in a mixed gender format and we focus on passing and movement. Our coaches will provide some instruction, but heavy on encouragement to work as a team as each player will move fluidly in positions as needed to improve soccer IQ.


Fun first, burn energy, go home happy, sleep good, and come back for more. Parents are required to be present at locations. Unattended children will be removed from the program without refund.


We also welcome any volunteer parents interested in participating. If parents are inclined, we can set up a parent section to play footie next to the youth program so everyone is active. If parents have younger children in tow, we often set up near playgrounds. Any parent currently listed as an active player in Sparta can register their children in this program at privileged rates. 


The price of this program is low and we do not provide any gear, items, or swag for children to keep.


Details (Edmonton)

  • 2x week: Tues & Thurs games for 2 months
  • 6PM or 6:30PM for 1 hour
  • Coaches will mentor, but will focus upon encouragement
  • Coaches will be on pitch guiding players as needed with minor instruction
  • Focus is upon ball control and passing
  • No goalies, small nets are set up for tap in goals
  • All children play, all are on field. No subs.
  • Last goal wins
  • Each child must bring a white and a dark shirt, shorts, socks, running shoes or cleats
  • Each child must be dressed for the sport & weather
  • Full gear not needed
  • City divided into 4 quadrants based upon compass
  • Children will be assigned by postal code to nearest quadrant
  • Children will be set up in groups of 12-16 max
  • The group will always be playing amongst themselves
  • The group will not travel to play against other teams during program
  • We may offer a soccer tournament at the end of season with other groups in this program
  • Once registration is closed; groups will be assigned, updates via email & mobile app
  • Exact locations will be announced after registration closes


What changes can occur:

If registrations go beyond Edmonton into St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Ft. Saskatchewan, then we will adjust in the following ways:

  • If 12-16 children register in another municipality then they will play in that municipality only For example, St Albert plays in St. Albert
  • If some children are from Spruce Grove and some are in St Albert, then the city with the most registrations of the 12-16 children will be the host for all games. 
  • If such combinations are not enough to form a group, then they will be placed in the nearest Edmonton quadrant or be refunded
  • If the Tues/Thurs option hits capacity (we only have so many coaches and assistants) then we will offer Sat/Mon or refund.


Once you are in our system, then you may notice messages for several other programs we run. This is unavoidable at the moment and we apologize for any confusion. Your child is only allowed to participate in programs called “Yes Footie Youth”. The other program called “Yes Footie” or “Yes Footie Adults” is for adults only. Only adults registered in Yes Footie Adults can participate in that program if you are not listed on any of our teams elsewhere.


Limited Availability. Hurry up.
All registration options are closed