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Sport 2024-2025 All-Star Cheer Registration
This is for all cheerleaders participating in the 2024-2025 MCC Cheer Season. This registration only applies to the initial deposits and the first 2 months for the 2024-2025 Cheerleading Season. Remaining balances will be updated on cheerleader accounts after final team placement on August 9, 2024. Deposit amount must be paid in full before participating in any form of practice.
All registration options are closed
Program Details
Program start date: -
Program end date: -
Male, Female
Eligibility criteria
Registration Details
Registration status
Registration start date: -
Registration end date: -
Payment Details
Program fee payment type
Multiple installments
Total amount
Installment 1: $250.00
Installment 2: $250.00
Installment 3: $350.00
Installment 4: $350.00
Due date: Jun 01, 2024
Due date: Jun 15, 2024
Due date: Jul 15, 2024
Due date: Aug 15, 2024
Late fee
$ 0.00
Payment mode
Both online and offline payments are accepted
Additional processing fee applied
Tumbling Waiver and Release of Liability Waiver
I agree with the club waiver and release of liability policy
All fees paid and allocated for the 2024-2025 Season are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to any other MCC participant without regard to whether such participant’s removal from MCC is voluntary or involuntary in nature.
I fully understand MCC no refund policy

All registration options are closed