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Sport TRAIN LIKE A PRO - Monday Class (6-7:30pm)
Great total baseball class using professional methods used by professional players. Athletes must be 9U Majors up to 13U AAA. Groups of 6 in each class.
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Program start date: Dec 09, 2022
Program end date: Dec 12, 2022
Eligible only if born on or after: May 01, 2009
Eligible only if born on or before: May 01, 2014
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Athletes must be 9U Majors up to 13U AAA.
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This class will focus on hitting using the proven methods, drills, and technology used by professional programs and staff.

DATES: Mon-12/12 & Tue-12/19


In this exclusive clinic, a group of up to 6 players will be lead through two sessions of focused, disciplined 1.5 hour training sessions by current New York Mets player Matt Winaker, former Texas Ranger Kole Enright, and NL Staff. They will lead players through training exactly like they do it - beginning with physical activation, mobility prep, fielding, throwing, hitting, and strength work.

They will be incorporating the drills and training techniques that they have picked up themselves by training alongside MLB MVP’s and All-Stars. Each player will see firsthand and be challenged to emulate the practice habits of a professional. Beyond the individually unique coaching points each player will receive, they will leave with an even more valuable knowledge - a vision of what it looks like to reach their goals, however big or small those goals may be.

“I’ve grown more during my career by watching and learning from the best players than any other method. I want to take the techniques I’ve learned, and the wisdom I’ve gained through experience and give players what I know I would have benefitted from immensely when I was their age.” - Coach Matt

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On Invitation Only
All registration options are closed