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About Us

Our mission is simple…..to teach sportsmanship, character, soccer skill and a passion for playing

the game to our local youth.

We support local area teams through coaching and fundraising. Our coaches work with local area clubs to help with advance training and education. 
We are currently supporting the local Southern Arizona RSL Club.

Creation … Country Wide Soccer was created to be the leader for youth recreational soccer in

Southern Arizona. Country Wide Soccer is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Bringing local

business support to youth players. Bringing local business and families together to build our


Goals and ambition … Goal #1 is for our players and families to have an enjoyable

experience that will serve them for a lifetime. We can never lose sight of our responsibility

to provide an environment where our players work towards their dreams of playing on college

teams, professional teams, and hopefully, our United States National teams! 

Strength … Country Wide Soccer's strength lies in its wonderful members. Collectively,

our network of smiling, caring people lay the foundation for the loving community that is

Country Wide Soccer. 

Country Wide Soccer is designed to support the local soccer community. Country Wide Soccer is currently supporting The local RSL Club. Helping the youth player find a great team that will help them develop their soccer skills and love of the game. All support raised goes to local teams to help more youth players soccer.