GMAIL - Stop Edgewood Email from being sent to spam

Published by League Admin
Jul 12, 2018

It has come to our attention that some of our emails have been delivered directly to the spam folder for some gmail users. We've included some instructions and a quick animation below. To check your Spam folder, use the following instructions:

Check Spam Folder for Edgewood Messages

1. Log into your gmail account.

2. On the left you see the Gmal folder List - (It should be a vertical list saying Inbox, Starred, Important Mail, Drafts, etc...)

3. Hover your cursor over the list without clicking to expand the list. You should now see additional folders and the word "More" at the bottom of the list.

4. Click on the word "More" to expand the list further.

5. You should now see a folder entitled "Spam". Click on the Spam Folder. On the right you will now see any messages marked as spam.

6. Look for messages from Edgewood Little League.

7. Select the box to the left of the Edgewood messages and in the toolbar above, click "Not spam".

8. That's it, the messages will appear in your inbox! Click Inbox on the folder list to the left to return there.

Prevent Future Edgewood Messages from going to SPAM

You can add a contact for Edgewood Little League to your address book using both and as email addresses.