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Team Nomination - 2024 - Season 1

This program allows team registrations only.
Sport Team Nomination - 2024 - Season 1
If you have a team of at least 6 players, use this registration to nominate the team and the players. If you do not have a team of at least 6 players, then the nomination will be not be accepted.
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Program Details
Program start date: Jan 21, 2024
Program end date: Jun 30, 2024
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Registration Details
Registration status
Registration start date: Jan 21, 2024
Registration end date: Mar 10, 2024


Membership Rules
Waiver Summary Text: Waiver Summary Text: Membership and Competitions MEMBERSHIP RULES. Membership Registration Periods – are a maximum of 1 season (aligning semester). All memberships are consistent with the membership period of Volleyball Queensland from 1 April - 31 March. You must be 18 years of age or older to register an electronic membership with Gladstone Volleyball Association. If you are a Junior member, a parent or guardian must complete the registration. Any U/19 member must be 18 years or younger (under 19) as at the end of the year their application is made. If a mistake has been made with this registration process, please contact GVA Committee immediately. Membership to Gladstone Volleyball Association will only be valid pending finalisation of Volleyball Queensland membership. All members of GVA must be current VQ members - membership of GVA will be terminated once you are no longer a financial VQ member. All members must follow all GVA and VQ by-laws and policies. A copy of GVA by-laws and policies can be obtained from the GVA committee. All financial GVA members are able to attend training sessions for FREE on Tuesday nights. Representation at Tournaments will be decided by the coaches of the respective teams (Junior, Women's, Men's) and is only available to Thunder squad members. If you wish to upgrade from social club member to Gladstone Thunder squad member, a player must pay the difference in fee when joining the squad. Note as per VQ membership, photos may be taken of players for promotional reasons for the club. The current GVA membership fees are listed below. Please note that the fees below are re-invested into the running of your club. Competition Fees are also payable on a seasonal basis. The cost per season is: $60 for a senior GVA social club member or $30 for training only. $45 for an U/19 GVA social club member or $15 for training only.
All registration options are closed