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SportsPlus is the current name of our sports platform. The first name is Thapos. That’s why in the videos everywhere you will see Thapos. Between Thapos and SportsPlus, the only difference is the name.

Check out SportsPlus Club and League Management Features

Unique youth sports management platform for clubs, leagues, teams, coaches, players, and parents. Complete club/league management solution including program management, player registration, payment processing, schedule management, staff, athlete, and parent Management, documents, and fields/courts management. Inbuilt and integrated team and athlete management. A complete youth sports management platform.

Learn why SportsPlus is the best sports team management app
SportsPlus is the best sports team management app for coaches, players, parents and fans. SportsPlus is 100% free to use. SportsPlus helps teams to communicate better. SportsPlus organizes team’s data very efficiently. Some of the features are schedule management with reminders, roster, live, player availability tracking, volunteer tracking, announcements, resources with pictures, documents and videos, custom pages, privacy settings, advanced customization features. Sign up and setup your team on SportsPlus today. Download SportsPlus app from app store (Apple) or play store (Android).

Learn all about SportsPlus - All in one app for athletes
Watch SportsPlus demo video and learn how SportsPlus is a game changer for athletes of all major sports. Learn how SportsPlus helps athletes to manage their sporting life better to get better in sports. Learn all major features of SportsPlus and see how athletes can manage their progress, profile, schedule, teams and athlete network. Finally see how SportsPlus is a game changer tool for modern athletes.