Features - Youth Sports Management Software

Complete youth sports management software for sports clubs, leagues, teams, athletes, and coaches.

  • Player Registration - Allows players and parents to find and sign up for right programs.
  • Program Management - Create and manage programs. Track and share programs.
  • Payment Processing - Collect payments. Schedule payments with reminders and alerts.
  • Team Roster Management - Make teams. Set up team with roster, schedules, resources, messages...
  • Staff Management - Manage coaches and other club staff. Assign coaches to teams.
  • Schedule Management - Manage teams and fields schedules. Reminders. Communicate changes instantly.
  • Field Management - Schedule fields. Manage field procurement. Share fields with teams. Reminders.
  • Field Reservations - Allow to reserve fields by staff. Open fields for public reservations.
  • Document Management - Track waivers and other required documents with reminders. Share documents.
  • Communication - Emails. Online Messages. Mobile app notifications. Text messages.
  • Keep connected with your teams.
  • Access team schedules and communicate with team members and coaches.
  • Coaches can create and manage teams.
  • Coaches can schedule matches, practice and even assign homework to team members.
  • Get on top of all team related matters.
  • Capture match statistics, game skill scores and fitness test scores.
  • Progress reports, track progress against goals and compare progress with your friends.
  • Analyze progress reports and find hidden connections between match stats, game skills and fitness.
  • Identify athletic strengths and weaknesses using progress reports.
  • Setup goals and track progress against goals.
  • Capture and track even basics like height, weight...
  • Know your athletic side better and plan for a bright future.
  • Setup stunning athletic profile that is as good and unique as you are in sports.
  • Setup profile with pictures, videos, athletic history, athletic stats, achievements, progress reports ..
  • Profile also can have your schedules, academic details, contact points, goals and much more
  • Reach right coaches and scouts at right time with impressive profile.
  • Control profile content with granular privacy controls.
  • Profile automatically gets setup based on your usage of SportsPlus.
  • Manage match and practice schedules of all your sports.
  • Manage any non-sport schedules and even athletic homework schedules.
  • Share schedules with parents and coaches.
  • Sync schedules with other popular scheduling tools.
  • Setup once and now you will be taken care by SportsPlus.
  • Finally get it all under control with all schedules at one place.
  • Connect with your friends, coaches and teammates and build your athlete network on SportsPlus.
  • Communicate with your network and catch all updates from your network.
  • Compare your athletic progress with anybody in your athlete network.
  • Manage your network and be in a good company.
  • Make SportsPlus your sports center for all your sports activities.
Information for athletes to train to improve, to test and track progress and to take care. SportsPlus sports library helps athletes to make right decisions, to perform at their best, to bring best out of them and reach their full potential.
Drills for athletic training
Drills for Training
  • Drills to improve game skills of major sports (Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, ...).
  • Sport specific drills to improve speed, strength, endurance or stamina, agility, quickness for a sport.
  • Sport specific drills to improve balance, flexibility and injury prevention for a sport.
  • Drills for athletes to get better in sports and to perform at their best.
Skill tests for progress monitoring
Tests for Progress Tracking
  • Match statistics for all major sports (Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, ...).
  • Skill tests to test and track progress in skills required for a sport, for all major sports.
  • Fitness tests to test and track progress in fitness required for a sport, for all major sports.
Sports articles
Articles for Athletes
  • Articles with clear, complete and accurate information on nutrition, injury prevention...
  • Handling injury, training, academics, compare sports, compare athletes, physical demands...
  • Mental demands, sport benefits, sports history, high school sports, college sports and much more.
Find and connect with local sports organizations like local sports clubs, high school sports, college sports and professional sports clubs for all sports.
Local sports organizations
  • Find sports organizations using advanced and intuitive map based navigation features and advanced filtering options.
  • Engage and connect with the local sports organizations.
  • Get connected with local sports clubs, high school sports and college sports.
  • SportsPlus is your local sports center for all your local sports activities.