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About Us

PWC's Mission:

PWC’s mission is to use the sport of rowing as a vehicle

---to teach responsibility, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork
---build self-esteem
---encourage physical fitness
---pursue excellence in area youth

PWC serves both competitive rowers as well as those wanting to learn the sport for recreational purposes by providing opportunities to foster amateur rowing including

---teaching rowing skills
---providing coaching and equipment
---participating in local, national, and international youth rowing competitions

Prince William Crew (PWC) is a club sport affiliated with Prince William Crew Association (PWCA) in Woodbridge, Virginia. The co-ed team trains out of the Oxford Boathouse located in Lake Ridge Park & Marina on the Occoquan Reservoir in Woodbridge.

PWC offers multiple programs based on the athletes' knowledge and level of proficiency in the sport.  This includes a European approach to introducing the sport to Middle School-age athletes, intro and development programs for High School age athletes, a competitive High school racing program as well as training and racing opportunities for those that fall into the U23 classification per USRowing.  Programs are offered during the Summer and Fall periods of the year. 

No prior rowing experience is necessary to join the PWC.

Rowers receive instruction from a team of renowned coaches who work hard to keep the PWC program strong and help each rower to realize his or her potential both on and off the water.

PWC is managed and run by the Board of Directors of Prince William Crew Association, Inc., which is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit Association supporting all rowing-related activities within Prince William County.

Oxford Boathouse Location via Google Maps

PWC Disclaimer
PWC is not a department, program, or agency of Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) or  Prince William County Parks and Recreation (PWCP&R)., but a separate legal entity comprised of parents and other supporters of  PWCA.  Prince William County Schools (PWCS) nor Prince William County Parks and Recreation (PWCP&R)does not control or endorse the content and is not responsible for any advertising or other material contained in PWC publications or on its website.