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Fall High School Rowing Program

Fall High School Program Information

Prince William Crew (PWC) Fall Rowing Program will be comprised of any rowers and coxswains that are ready to further their rowing skills and abilities to reach the next levels in their rowing careers.  Athletes should be looking to not only improve their fundamental rowing skills as well as the opportunity to represent PWC at local and non-local regattas for those wishing to make the required commitment.  Members of the PWC Fall Program will train and compete in both sweep and sculling boats, with the goal of racing in multiple boat classes during the fall regatta season for those that are able to commit to the racing dates.  Those unable to make the commitment will receive the same training without the requirement to race during the Regattas.

Fall Regattas are typically held on Sundays during the Fall Season.  Rowers seeking the opportunity to compete in the Regattas will need to indicate their commitment during the registration process.  Please note that the Uniform Package is required to participate in Regattas.

The organizational structure of the Fall Program will be very similar to the Team structure of a Spring High School Program.  All athletes will be members of the PWC Fall Team.  Boat assignments will be prioritized by those making the commitment to the Regatta schedule.

At least two coaches will evaluate all athletes, the rowers' evaluation process will be based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to a 20-min erg test, validated 2k PR, Watt to Weight factor, Peak power, overall fitness, and technical aptitude.  The coxswains' evaluation process will include a variety of factors including overall command of the crew, mastery of fundamental boat steering skills, ability to properly facilitate drills and workouts, and consideration of previous race results.

While registration is not "capped" for the Fall Rowing Program, PWC typically travels with up to the top 32 rowers (16 boys - 16 girls) and the top 3-4 coxswains for the select performance Regattas.  This number will be adjusted based on coaches' recommendations as the season progresses as well as the commitments of the athletes.

All rowers attending the Fall Rowing Program will have the opportunity to race in the three local 5k head races based on answers provided during the registration process:  The Occoquan Challange, Occoquan Chase, and the Head of The Occoquan.  Athletes who are placed on the "Travel Team" will have the additional opportunity to potential travel and compete in The Head of The Schuylkill.  PWC is also seeking an at large bid to compete at the Head of the Charles for those making "Select".

Once again - a uniform package is required to compete at any Fall Regatta. - Uniform Package can be found in Store/Shopping - Uniform Store


Fall Rowing Program Schedule:

Weekly Practice Schedule (August 26th - November 5th):

With a work day Mon the 4th and Tues the 5th after the last Regatta

Monday, Tues, Thur and Fri - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

$550.00 (Early Registration)
$650.00 (Normal Registration)
It May be paid in 2 installments

Fall Regatta Schedule
Local Fall Rowing Program Regattas

Head of the Potomac  (TBC) September 29th
(Attendance TBD)

Occoquan Challenge
(Sandy Run Regional Park) October 6th

Occoquan Chase (Sandy Run Regional Park) October 13th

Head of the Occoquan (Sandy Run Regional Park) November 2nd - 3rd

Possible Travel Regattas:
Cost for travel Regattas not included with Fall Program fees

Head of the Charles (Cambridge, MA) October 19th - 20th
"Select" boats and crew
Dependent on at-large bid submission
Price to be calculated based on the total cost of the trip divided by the total number of athletes that travel
(2023 price $750/Athlete)

Head of the Schuylkill (Philadelphia, PA) October 26th - 27th
"Travel" Team - boats and crew
Price to be calculated based on the total cost of the trip divided by the total number of athletes that travel
(2023 price $350/Athlete)

Uniform Package: Uniform Bundle
Only required if planning on participating in Regattas
(Uni-Suit, Tech Shirt, Visor)

Athletes 18 or older
Must complete and submit a Certificate of "SAFESPORT "Core" Training completion.

Athletes turning 18
during the sessions will be required to take “Core” Center for SafeSport Training upon turning 18. To prevent any disruption in eligibility, athletes turning 18 need to complete training prior to their birthday and submit certificate of completion.

SAFESPORT Training Link