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2024 Fall Ball - NKCA Baseball League

Jun 14, 2024
2024 Fall Ball Registration Opens 7/1/2024
Teams and Players

NKCA Baseball League is looking forward to kicking off our Fall 2024 season.  NKCA is in the middle of its 79th year of making memories and providing baseball to the youth in our area.  Many athletes have moved through our program over the years and are proud to call NKCA Baseball their league of choice to play their season.  With over 3,300 players each year, we look forward to many, many more.

Something new this year, we will be starting the season a day after Labor Day, 9/3.  In the fall, we play a 10 game season 6U Coach Pitch through high school age group (TBall 8 games) with a postseason tournament earmarked for 10/18-21.

With fall historically considered a preparatory season for what a player/team will play in the next spring season, teams will moved up to the next age group this fall.  This is a great time play particularly with changes in base/mound distances and/or program differences such as Coach Pitch to Machine Pitch or Machine Pitch to Kid Pitch.

We strive to support players in celebrating significant accomplishments such as their 1st Home Runs.  You can watch the latest video of a recent home run interview with Maks Sachs of the 8U Smash Bros...Click HERE 

For more information on our upcoming fall season and registration, click on the link below....
2024 Fall Program Information

For those who may not have played spring and as you may have seen, League Athletics has made the decision to no longer support their platform.  NKCA Baseball has moved to SportsPlus to host our NKCABaseball.com domain.  This move will likely be a huge benefit to our program and members around communication.  SportsPlus has developed a robust mobile app for both Android and Apple phones.  As with anything, we anticipate there being a few learning curve bumps for the League and members but are ready to work through them all.  For more information around this move and links to the mobile app, click HERE 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.  We are happy to help.

Thank you,
Michael Cantwell, Director
NKCA Baseball League