1. When does the season begin? 
The season begins in November.

2. How long is club season?
Club season is approximately a 7 to 8-month commitment, starting from November to June.

3.How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee is $65 and non-refundable.

4.What is the process for tryouts?
Players are encouraged to check-in 30 min before their tryout time begins.  Check-in includes: Turning in all forms and payment and receive a tryout number.   Tryouts will last about 2 hours and will involve many different volleyball drills. 

5.What are the team levels?
We will be offering several levels of instruction within NVA. We will offer teams that compete at the local, state, and national levels for the club season, as well as camps, clinics, and private lessons hroughout the year. We feel this structure enables us to offer all levels of volleyball to the athletes in our community. 

6.How are teams selected?
Teams are selected by a committee of coaches.  The players will be grouped into their proper age divisions.  During the tryouts, the participants will be given instruction on technique and skills.  In addition to evaluating their skill levels, we will also be observing how they perform in-game situations. Some attributes the coaches look for are attitude, athletic ability, leadership, strength, technique and skill. 

7.How many practices per week?
Practices are twice to three times a week depending on the athlete's team.  Each practice will also include 30 minutes of agility and conditioning training by Demitrius Bronson from 53 Squad Training. 

8.Where are the practices?
The practices will be in Lake Nona Middle School or Odyssey Middle School, according to the athlete's team.  

9.How many tournaments are in a season?
The tournaments played vary by team level.  Each team will play at least 8 tournaments per season.

10.Where are the tournaments?
Regional teams stay within Central Florida. State teams will be traveling within the state of Florida. National teams will be traveling within the United States. 

11.Are uniforms included?
Yes, uniforms are included. 

Additional questions?
Email your questions to info@NonaVolleyballAcademy.com 
or call us at 407-285-4965