Frequent Questions

Club Season

  1. When does the season begin? 

The season begins in November and runs Regional teams to May all others until June. Tryouts are August and October,
  1. What if I missed August tryout?

We make the National teams in August if we still have a position open you will able to join the team in October, we make new teams in Octobers tryouts if apply.
  1. How much is the tryout?

The registration fee changes every year, the last one was $65, this fee is not refundable. The fee at the door is $5 more.
  1. How do I register to tryout?

The registration is online and has to be filled online, if you do it in advance you skip the line and do not have to bring papers if you downloaded the documents. At the door, you still have to register online.
  1. What is the process of tryout?

The tryout will be divided by ages, for a 2 hours evaluation, please check in 15 minutes before to get your numbers and evaluation card. If you did not download the documents online please arrive 30 minutes before this way we can check your AAU, Birth Certificate and USAV if apply. If you need to register at the door please arrive 45 minutes before doing the whole process. No documents or payment No tryout.
  1. What are the team levels?

Regional: Practice twice a week, local tournaments every month, most tournaments are a one-day tournament, perfect for beginners. Need an AAU membership and a copy Birth certificate. Finish in May.

State: Practice twice a week, State and local tournaments every month, tournaments are two days tournaments, this is an intermedium level, you need to stay in hotels and need to travel this is no included, Need an AAU membership and a copy of the Birth certificate. Finish in June.

National: Practice two to three times a week, National, State or local tournaments every month, USAV and top AAU level, tournaments are 2 to 4 days. This is an advance level, you need to stay in hotels and need to travel this is not included. Need a USAV membership, an AAU membership and a copy of the Birth certificate. Finish in June; 18’s teams finish May.

  1. What does the club season include?

The uniforms, tournaments, court, coaches, and administration. Do not include hotels, transportation, clinics, or lessons.

  1. How are teams selected?

Teams are selected by our coaches.  The players will be grouped into their proper age divisions.  During the tryouts, the athletes will be given instruction on technique and skills.  In addition to evaluating their skill levels, we will also be observing how they perform in-game situations. Some attributes that coaches look for are attitude, athletic ability, leadership, strength, technique, and skill. National teams fill first. 

  1. Where are the practices?

The practices will be in Lake Nona Middle School or Odyssey Middle School, according to the athlete's team.


  1.  How many tournaments?

The tournaments played vary by team level.  Each team will play at least 8 tournaments per season. AAU National is included for State and National teams.

  1. Where are the tournaments?

Regional teams stay within Central Florida. State teams will be traveling within the state of Florida. National teams will be traveling within the United States.


  1. When do we know the game schedule of the tournaments?

Must of the tournaments have the schedule ready the Wednesday before the date of the tournament. An example is if the tournament is Saturday, April 4th the schedule will be posted Wednesday, April 1st.


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