NONA VOLLEYBALL ACADEMY is committed to helping our athletes, who want to play at the next level and fulfill their dreams. Coming Fall 2022, NVA will be partnering with Sports Recruits to offer our athletes the tools needed to connect with college coaches.

We are having a pilot try now to see how this will work.



  • College Volleyball Program Needs - this is the complete list (which will update in real-time when more colleges add their needs) of colleges that have published their volleyball program's recruiting needs. As long as you or your athletes are logged into SportsRecruits, you can click the Program URL and be brought directly to the page where you can see these needs!
  • The Importance of June 15th - this article explains why June 15th is such an important date in the college recruiting process and what it means for athletes to communicate with college coaches 
  • NCAA Eligibility Center -  It is important to note especially for the athletes starting the college recruiting process a little late. Athletes interested in playing NCAA DI or DII volleyball, need to be registered with the NCAA and have an NCAA Eligibility Number to add to their profile. They can learn more about registering and eligibility requirements from this website

Feel free to contact Sam Curran our Customer Success Manager with more questions  or