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How to Be a Wrestler Champion ?
By  Nithin  -
December 26, 2023

If you are like me, you might have trouble finishing your takedowns, so here are some great drills to improve our wrestling technique and try to quit that bad habit of only pulling guard.

Most academics tend to teach a lot more Judo focused techniques for takedowns, leaving wrestling training as an extra class, therefore, Jiu-Jitsu folks end up having little to none wrestling background or defense against it.

1 Better Wrestling Stance Drills.

Successful Wrestlers have a really good stance, this allows them to have their body in the correct position to shoot and defend at all times, These quick drills are great to help you improve your wrestling stance and you can easily incorporate them as a warm-up to your MMA, BJJ or Wrestling routine.

2 Drills to Improve Shooting and Defense Speed.

Not using your hands to defend and using your legs to avoid takedowns, as well as just being fully aware of your feet movement it’s a game changer for shooting and defending takedowns.

3 Drills on Finishing Takedowns By Olympic Wrestling Legend Dan Gable.

We are all familiar with the Olympic Wrestling Legend Dan Gable! These videos are priceless coaching advice on how to finish a takedown, basically, commit to finishing. “if you touch the leg, you have to finish the takedown”

4 Control Tips and Drills.

Control takes a lot of cardio and reps, wrestling is all about dominating your opponent, some of the best wrestlers learn how to do this by repeating ground and standing control drills like these. Take it from Dan Gable!

5 Resistance Bands to Create Explosive Shooting.

Resistance Bands are a cheap and efficient way to add some extra pressure to your shooting drills, you don’t need much, you can even substitute resistance bands by having your partner grab you by the waist and putting some resistance.

Drills like this will make you more explosive and will increase your cardio!

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