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Payment Processing

Financial Management

Unified Calendar Management

Background Check

Social Media Networks

Marketing Services

Connect all essential services and execute all operations in one place.

Payment Processing
SportsPlus has integrations with popular payment gateways for various countries around the world. We will provide you with the right payment gateway based on your country. Stripe is the default option for most countries that we serve.

Please work with your account representative to identify the best payment gateway for your organization.

To learn more about Stripe, please visit
Financial Management
Connect SportsPlus with your Intuit QuickBooks account. Once connected, all payment transactions can be synced with Quickbooks and made available in Quickbooks.

To learn more about Quickbook, please visit

Unified Calendar Management
Streamline your schedule with unified calendar management through SportsPlus. Sync all your calendars for seamless planning and organization.
Background Checks
Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks. Integrating Checkr into your SportsPlus account allows you to confidently run background checks to meet your athelte's safety and compliance needs.

To learn more about Checkr, please visit
Social Media Networks
Enhance member engagement and streamline customer acquisition by seamlessly connecting SportsPlus with popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
Marketing Services

Weather Data is a leading location data and technology company providing weather service that displays weather forecasts in the SportsPlus application based on the location address.

To learn more about, please visit
Travel Management
Lucidtravel makes planning travel arrangements easy for youth sports administrators and parents, including group travel booking, customizable itineraries, and access to the relevant transportation and accommodation options suitable for the teams.

To learn more about Lucidtravel, please visit
Export and Import
Export members, game schedules, facilities, teams, and financial data to best-in-class tools such as Google Sheets or Excel. Import the same data provided by third-party services.