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Organization Name - The name on the account and public website can be different.

Contact Details - Can be different for internal members and public website visitors.

Staff Members - Add organization staff members with the right roles and access to the right areas.

Divisions, Age Groups - Add based on who your organization serves.

Privacy - Choose the right privacy settings for staff, members, and visitors.

Template - Choose the right template that reflects the organization's values.

Visual settings - Choose the right colors, font, and images.

Sitemap - Update pages to only present the right pages in the sitemap.

Programs, Facilities, schedules - Select the right display format.

Gallery - Showcase the pictures effectively.

Latest News - Publish important news and present it on the website.

Links - Provide the important links to all website visitors.

Publish articles - Publish articles and allow sharing them on social media.

Custom Widgets - Create custom widgets and display them on the website.

Design Pages - Customize each and every page. Add widgets appropriately.

Domain & SSL - Get the domain connected along with the SSL.

Web Analytics - Get the web analytics for your website.

Update the widget to show that the registration is open or closed.

Programs - Add programs that allow members to register.

Documents - Add supporting documents for collecting consent and waivers.

Custom Fields - Add your own custom fields that can be used in the programs.

Discounts - Add discounts. Associate them with the programs. Make them available to registrants.

Items - Add items to make them available for purchase along with the registration.

Waivers - Make sure to collect the right waivers and all required data from the registrants.

Payment Plans - Make sure to choose the right payment plan for every program.

Allow registrants to upload documents to meet each program's requirements.

Set up the right notifications on each program along with proper registration controls.

Get the payment gateway activated.

Verify the payment processing charges.

Log into the payment gateway account and connect your bank account.

Take care of all requirements of the payment gateway account.

Set up the right payment reminders for the members.

Choose to allow refunds by other staff members.

Choose to receive ACH payments.

Update offline payment instructions.

Add all items and then categorize them into item lists.

Open or close - Shop, sponsorship, donations.

Allow members to share and sell.

Update order fulfillment statuses and process.

Facilitate team ordering.

Add discounts and make them available for the members.

Make sure the organization's outbound communication is not blocked.

Set the right name and email address for outgoing email messages.

Templates - Create message templates for the organization members.

Update the common message footer.

Configuration schedule notification and reminder settings.

Configure standings ordering preferences.

Verify schedule calendar sync.

Configure tournament types and the number of points awarded to teams.

Add all required divisions and age groups.

Documents - Add documents and make them available in programs and on the public website.

Gallery - Upload organization pictures and make them available on the public website.

Bulk Upload - Upload athletes, facilities, schedules, teams, and staff members in bulk.

Get the facility management module activated.

Open or close facilities for play.

Open facilities for booking.

Choose to publish to the website.

Collect custom data with booking.

Collect payments for booking.

Publish overall organization facilities open or close status.

Main Settings - Configure privacy, visual, communication, and league settings.

Access Groups - Manage access of the organization's staff members.

Integrations - Integrate third-party tools for promoting organization events & online surveys.

Design member cards.

Import and export data.

Get the skills metrics added for player stats.

Update the team's security and privacy settings.