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Top 5 Wrestling Online Stores
By  Nithin  -
December 28, 2023

Wrestling is the oldest form of combat and has many of the same holds used from prehistoric times to the present. Below are the top 5 online wrestling stores where you can find different equipment such as wrestling shoes, headgear, and singlets.

1. Wrestling Gear

Wrestling Gear was founded in 1998 and continues to be the place where wrestling enthusiasts go to buy wrestling gear. This platform was founded by newcomers and experienced veterans who offer wrestling equipment to those who want to stay comfortable and competitive for practice and tournaments.

2. Rudis

Built and born from wrestling, RUDIS was started with a single goal in mind: To be the most accurate and authentic expression of the sport. Wrestling governs their every action and drives them to continually innovate and serve those who have a passion for this sport. They sell authentic customized gear and equipment for teams looking to advance to the next level.

3. Blue Chip Wrestling

Blue Chip Wrestling was founded in 2001 and is in the pursuit of selling high quality equipment from customized gear to singlets to ensure that your wrestling team feels safe and secure when they step on the mat. Blue Chip Wrestling prides itself on a “no excuses” guarantee to promise high quality gear.

4. Adidas Wrestling

Adidas Wrestling is a division of Adidas that sells different wrestling equipment such as wrestling shoes, singlets, accessories, and youth wrestling. They also allow sports teams and leagues to create their own custom gear to provide more variety. Head over to Adidas Wrestling to shop for top quality gear today.

5. JR Wrestling

Known for carrying a variety of brands such as Under Armour, Asics, Adidas, and Nike, JR Wrestling offers quality products at reasonable prices. They provide custom gear to ensure your sports league teams are covered and have done so for the past 15 years.
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