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Top 15 Funny and Silly Events at Sports Tournaments Smiles Guaranteed!
By  Nithin  -
December 26, 2023

Sports are generally intense and competitive. But humor is often a common ingredient in it. Over the years, we have witnessed some hilarious incidents on the sports ground. Funny moments connect people and bring them joy through laughter. Here are some funniest incidents at the sports ground that will make you crack up.

#1 First up, we have Michael Llodra of France falling against a ball girl during his match against Tommy Haas of Germany at the Wimbledon tennis championships in London. We still don’t know whether he did this deliberately or not. Just Speculating!

#2 Fans kiss before the Confederations Cup semi-final soccer match between Spain and Italy at the Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza. We think she is into horseriding!

#3 We have Mike” dressed in a boxer costume, taking part in the “Blocao” dog carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For sure, he is a big Mike Tyson fan! 

#4 Some of the youth sports games start at offensively early hours. After a hectic session with her kid to get him ready for the game, a soccer mom made her arrangements to sit peacefully on the sidelines. Cool!

#5 This one is hilarious! Aston Villa’s Nicklas Helenius shoots past Tottenham Hotspur’s Jan Vertonghen during their English League Cup third-round soccer match at Villa Park in Birmingham, central England. Now we know why the defender is looking in the other direction. 

#6 On May 26, 1993, Canseco and the Texas Rangers played the Cleveland Indians when arguably the weirdest moment in MLB history occurred. Indians infielder Carlos Martinez hit a fly ball to the warning track in right field, and it looked like Canseco was going to be able to make a play on it. Things took a crazy turn; the Ball bounced off Jose Canseco’s head for a home run.

Watch Video:Ball bounces off Canseco’s head

#7 Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown flips over Detroit Lions cornerback Quandre Diggs during the third quarter at Ford Field. 

#8 During the 2012 NBA season, Shelden Williams made the mistake of dunking on himself while playing for the Brooklyn Nets. While he got the ball through the basket, he hit himself in the face. At least he scored a few points, right?

#9 While playing for the Tampa Bay Rays, Ben Zobrist looks unprepared to catch the baseball seemingly flying right at his head. 

#10 It’s hard to focus on much when you’re in the middle of a game. That’s true for this hockey player, who couldn’t even pay enough attention to turn his water bottle the right way.

#11 This figure skater was jamming to his music in the middle of his performance. While his dance moves were worthy of applause, his facial expression was not.

#12 This basketball player hasn’t heard the adage: “You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you cannot pick your friend’s nose.” He was just trying to block the shot. But the resulting situation was probably pretty gross for both players.

#13 Bullfighting is a popular sport in many parts of the world. However, this bull was obviously in no mood to play the game. So, rather than waiting for a matador, this bull decided to go after the first person he saw.

#14 Playing basketball sometimes requires getting up close and personal with other players. But it’s just part of the game. The photo was snapped at such a perfect moment that it makes it seem like one basketball player is planting a tender kiss on the other’s cheek. Let’s hope things weren’t too awkward between these two men when the game was over.

#15 We have saved the best for you at last. You may have watched it previously, but it gets funnier every time. Novak Djokovic and Grigor Dimitrov imitating Maria Sharapova (who was dating Dimitrov then) during the Boodles tennis exhibition in London, 2013. Djokovic is known to have impersonated Sharapova several times, but this was the best. 

Watch Video: Djokovic & Dimitrov impersonate Maria Sharapova at The Boodles 2013

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