Best Way to Communicate with Lacrosse Team Members and Organize Team Data

Simple and Free App with Powerful Lacrosse Team Management Features

Team Communication

Get notified with game, practice and team event reminders. Access team schedules and communicate with team members and coaches. Communicate in realtime and catch latest scores and updates. Online messages, Email messages and mobile notifications with privacy settings.
Team Schedule
Schedule Games, Practice & Team Events
with Reminder Emails, Mobile App Notifications
Post important Lacrosse team announcements
with right notifications
Mobile App
Access all team data on the go. Receive mobile notifications. Update game scores and result. Update availability and much more...
Communicate in real time.
Catch up with latest scores, pictures...
 Team Software
Admin Controls
Team staff will choose right message settings
for the team that works for the team members.
Player Availability
Update player availability for games, events... Coaches and team managers, see who is not coming and find alternatives
Communicate with all team members in many ways. Text messages, Online messages, Live messages, Emails, Mobile notifications
Open volunteer positions for games, events... Sign up to volunteer, Reminders, See who is doing what

All Team data in one place

Organize all team data at one place. Team roster with all contact points, match schedules, practice schedules, team events, player availability, volunteer management, match results, pictures, videos, announcements, resources, custom pages, player progress, player profile and much more.
All players and staff member details in one place With all Phone Numbers, Email Addresses...
Player Profile
Athletic profile with right details for right exposure Privacy Settings, Athletic History, Progress Reports, Pictures, Videos...
Keep track of team scores and results along with match recap Update on web app or mobile app
Publish resources, both private and public. Webpage Links, Documents, Videos, Pictures...
Add Lacrosse team pictures for all team members
Game Pictures, Event Pictures...
Make right videos available to all team members in the resources area.
Custom Pages
Add pages for team as needed for the team.
All team members can access these team pages.
Privacy Controls
Control team and member details that you want to expose to public. Granular controls to better team data management.
Player Progress
Track and monitor game skills, fitness and match statistics Set up goals. Compare progress with friends or teammates.

Fund the Team

Raise funds for the Lacrosse team with sponsors, team shop and fans.
Make sponsors happy.
Set up sponsors on your team page.
Team Shop
Set up access to your team shop.
Add popular team shop items.
Allow fans to follow team.
Communicate and update team fans.