Track and Monitor Athletic Performance

Youth Sports Analytics - Match Stats, Game Skills, Fitness, Biometrics

Progress reports for athletes of all sports. Create free account. Enter match stats, game skill test scores, fitness test scores and athlete biometrics. Analyze athletic performance. Complete youth sports analytics for athletes, parents, and coaches.
Match Stats
Statistics of a match or game played. All major sports with multiple skill levels supported. Sport specific youth sports analytics.
Game Skill Test Scores
Sports analytics for sport specific game skills that can be tested and monitored. Support for all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and elite).
Fitness Test Scores
Sport specific fitness tests that can be tested and monitored. Fitness tests that are sport specific and skill level appropriate.
Progress Reports
Progress reports to find hidden connections between match stats, game skills and fitness. Identify athletic strengths, weaknesses, and trends.
Monitor athletic performance
Athlete biometrics including height, weight, body mass index
Set up goals and track performance against goals. Plan and stay on top of your goals. Know your athletic side better.
Track and monitor athletic performance against goals. Compare progress with friends. Stay on top of the game.
Support to capture local conditions (Weather, Field, Crowd, Time of the day) for better and advanced sports analytics.

Set up your free youth sports analytics account. Track & monitor your performance.