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Sports fundraising campaign for teams, clubs, schools
Publish Campaign
Easy campaign setup
Highlight the fundraising goal
Set campaign target
Add donation options
Customize invitation messages
Motivate team members
Set the fundraising goal for each team
Set a target amount for each team member
Set the minimum number of invitations per member
Create healthy competition among team members
Raise funds for Basketball & Baseball teams
Fundraiser app for Soccer & Football teams
Let the team members do their part
Automated reminders to the team members
Team members will enter the donor's email addresses
Donor's will receive the custom requests
Donors will be reminded automatically
Collect Donations
Convenient payment options for donors
3-Day transfer of funds to your bank account
Automated thank you note
Raise more with donations from anywhere in the world
Fundraising donation collection software
Keep a Track on your fundraising campaign
Track Campaign
Monitor the progress of the campaign
Setup auto increase of the campaign target
Track the funds by the team and by member
Download the financial reports

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Affordable than snap raise and vertical raise

One platform and account for both sports management and fundraising

Best fundraising platform for schools

Utilize the existing data - Teams, Members.

Online fundraising platform for sports

An affordable and modern all-in-one platform

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