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Technology challenges faced by sports associations
By  Nithin  -
December 26, 2023

The last few years have been quite challenging for various sports associations and member clubs to function effectively, first because of the pandemic and then because of not adopting the right technology platform for both the association. Let’s have a look at some of the technology challenges that are faced by sports associations.

  • Customizable Software
  • Payment Processing
  • Security Risks
  • No Automated Solution
  • Cross Club Communication
  • Access to the Content
  • Integrated Information
  • Club Membership

Customizable Software

There are many sports management software options out there, but most of them do not offer all the right options needed for a sports association and member clubs to be on the same page and function like one single entity. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. 

Payment Processing

No matter what kind of event it is, a huge part of the experience will completely depend on the association and how they manage the payment processing services. Over the last few years, technology has made event management way easier. One cannot imagine handling the entire transaction process without having a reliable system that is able to meet all the needs of the participants. Often, associations and clubs face issues such as collecting payments from customers, then deducting commissions, and finally scheduling payments to vendors, delivery partners, and service providers. Very few offer options of split payments between the association and member clubs. The right sports management software becomes simpler to make all the payments and makes it easier for everyone involved. 

Security Risks

The importance of data has grown immensely in the sector of sports, just like other sectors of businesses. In sports associations, data can be used for various purposes. This includes performance analysis, monitoring of an athlete’s health, etc. Sports associations and clubs have to deal with ‘big data’ as they have to manage hundreds of players each year. Thus, for associations, there are many advantages of using league management software. The software can be useful for both the parent/player and the organization as well. Clubs that register players online are very much aware of how that information is being gathered, transferred, and stored. With this, all necessary online safety guidelines are followed.

No Automated Solution

In the digital era, almost all sports associations need an end-to-end automated solution. This helps in saving time, resources and eliminates the amount of rework required. For example, club members can now make payments with automated solutions with this automated management web and mobile applications. In addition, the software will allow its members to view and pay for unpaid expenses, bills or statements. There is also a reminder management feature that will remind its members of any forthcoming events, non-payments, or membership renewal. With the help of auto alerts, push notifications, or in-app messaging, members will never miss any payments or events.

Cross Club Communication

Communication is one of the important aspects in dealing with different departments to ensure that the guidelines are being followed. These guidelines may include designing sports facilities and materials, implementing all existing precautionary and rehabilitation strategies to help athletes, reduce sport-related injury rates, and following the protocols set by the association. Thus, with various communication means, the requirements of coaches, parents, clubs, and sponsors can easily be managed. For example, many member clubs benefit from collaboration by hearing new aspects, getting peer assistance, mentorship, etc. They may either collaborate in person or virtually. With the best online platforms, they can use the collaboration that best suits their requirements.

Access to the Content

Sometimes large amounts of content make it difficult for users to find data and know where to find it. Thus, associations with the help of management software can work on user experience by improving the website’s search functionality and help members easily consumption of personalized and searchable content. 

Integrated Information

New technologies are often released, and they don’t play nice with older systems or applications. Such issues make things difficult for higher authorities, resulting in double-entry of data and other miscalculations. However, planning ahead of the implementation can eventually minimize these concerns for the association.

Club Membership

Considering club members expect a personalized experience, getting the communications right for an outstanding member experience is better. It has become necessary to use automated messaging and segmented communications to improve the user journey and keep the club members engaged. Thus, with the help of management software, the members will better understand these expectations. This will also allow sports associations to develop better value propositions for their members and also focus on the issues that matter the most to their members.

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