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How do I renew my subscription?
You will see options to renew in your account when it is time, starting three weeks before the subscription expiration date. You will also receive email reminders.
How do I add staff members?
To add a staff member, navigate to Manage > Staff Members. At the top right of this page, click on the plus icon and follow the steps.
For a staff member, can I give limited access to the application?
You can assign the right role for a staff member. Based on the role they will get options. You can also use an access profile to grant access to the selected parts of the application.
What age group is best for using SportsPlus?
Anyone who is 13 or older can use SportsPlus. If younger, approval from parent/guardian is necessary.
What sports are covered?
SportsPlus covers all major sports. About 23 sports at present and is growing.SportsPlus covers all major sports. About 23 sports at present and is growing.
How is SportsPlus unique?
SportsPlus is a one of a kind tool that up and coming athletes use to build their game and allows them to take it to the next level. SportsPlus allows individuals to improve using our software to see statistics, techniques, improvements and allows athletes to connect with other individuals.
How much will SportsPlus cost?
SportsPlus is free to use as we believe this tool should be open for everybody to use.
Is SportsPlus for people in United States only?
No, SportsPlus can still be helpful in a variety of ways. Although you won't be able to use the local sports feature where you can find sports clubs near you. SportsPlus can capture your progress, manage your schedule, help make better decisions and more.
Does SportsPlus help with NCAA college recruiting?
We don't have specific connections with the NCAA, but we help you build your athletic profile in order for you to reach your dream school.
Is SportsPlus affiliated with any sport organizations?
No, but we give information on local sports programs around you, so you can connect with coaches and other athletes.
Does SportsPlus provide any sports information?
Yes, SportsPlus provides sports information ranging from baseball to tennis.
Is SportsPlus safe for my kid?
Yes, SportsPlus is safe, as it is meant for children to use, and build their athletic profile. SportsPlus can help with this characteristic.