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We have Answers for your FAQ

How can a parent register their kids for a program?

The organization staff needs to add and publish the programs and then provide the website address to the parents. Then parents can check out all the available programs and then can register for the right programs.

Can I collect both online and offline payments?

Yes. You can do it by selecting the right options while setting up the programs.

How do I create installments?

While creating a program, you have options to create installments in the Fee & Payment Options section.

How do I update a registrant payment status?

To update a registrant payment status, please navigate to Payments > Update Payments. Find the registrant. At the right end of the page, under Actions, click on Update Payment.

Can I have an invitation based registrations?

Yes. While creating a program set the registration status as On Invitation Only. After that send that program link to the targeted registrants.

How do I get more information from my customers?

While creating a program, you can attach custom fields to the program to collect more information from your customers during the registration process. You can add custom fields separately which can be attached to any number of programs.

How can I sell items to registrants?

Add items and then create item lists. After that assign item lists to the programs so that the registrants will see options to purchase items during the registration process.

How do I add a discount code?

To add a discount code please navigate to Registration > Discounts. At the top right corner of the page click on + icon to add a new discount code. After creating the discount code you can assign it to all relevant programs.

Can registrants upload the documents?

Yes, While creating a program you can set up such that the program registrants are forced to upload documents.

How can a player signup for our club/league?

Typically players signup for your organization through your website when they register for a program, as part of the registration process. Additionally, organization admins can add players.

How do I track my unpaid registrations?

To track unpaid registrations, please navigate to Payments > Unpaid Registrations.

How do I collect recurring payments?

While creating a program, in the Fee & Payments Options section, define the payment type as Monthly Payment and follow the steps.

Does SportsPlus support family member discounts?

Yes, While setting up programs you can set up discount options for the family members.

How do I view all my registrations?

To view all registrations please navigate to Registration > All Registrations.