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We have Answers for your FAQ

How can I activate my website?

To activate your website please login to your account as admin and from the left menu navigate to Website Admin > Website settings. On this page click on activate website.

Can I customize my website?

Yes, you have plenty of options under Website Admin to customize your website.

What will be my website address?

Your default website address is<organization-id>. However, we can map it to your domain, at your convenience.

Can I get a custom domain for my website?

Yes. If you already have a domain, you can use it. Otherwise, we will provide one for you based on your requirements.

Will I get help from you to build my website?

Yes. We will help you as needed at no extra cost.

Can I request a SSL Certificate for my domain?

Yes. You can request for an SSL for your website. We will complete your request within 3 business days.

How much does it cost to make a website?

The website builder is included in the subscription. There is no additional fee for the website builder.

Can I move my website to my host?

No. SportsPlus powered website can't be moved. However, you can have a separate website and link it to various SportsPlus pages.

Can I insert my custom code on a webpage?

Yes, you can use your custom code by using our custom widget.