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How can I activate my website?
To activate your website please login to your account as admin and from the left menu navigate to Website Admin > Website settings. On this page click on activate website.
Can I customize my website?
Yes, you have plenty of options under Website Admin to customize your website.
What will be my website address?
Your default website address is However, we can map it to your domain, at your convenience.
Can I get a custom domain for my website?
Yes. If you already have a domain, you can use it. Otherwise, we will provide one for you based on your requirements.
Will I get help from you to build my website?
Yes. We will help you as needed at no extra cost.
Can I request a SSL Certificate for my domain?
Yes. You can request for an SSL for your website. We will complete your request within 3 business days.
How much does it cost to make a website?
The website builder is included in the subscription. There is no additional fee for the website builder.
Can I move my website to my host?
No. SportsPlus powered website can't be moved. However, you can have a separate website and link it to various SportsPlus pages.
Can I insert my custom code on a webpage?
Yes, you can use your custom code by using our custom widget.