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How do I schedule a game?
There are many options here. After logging in to your account, from the left menu navigate to Schedule > Add Game. You can also generate schedules for the leagues and tournament brackets using the auto-scheduler. You can also add schedules in your team area for one team at a time.
Can I cancel a schedule?
Yes, to cancel a schedule please navigate to Schedule > Schedule List. For the selected a schedule under Actions click on Cancel.
Will the team members get notified when I cancel the schedule?
While canceling the schedule you can you will have an option to notify the members.
Can I export my schedules?
Yes. You can export schedules and also sync with many calendar tools.
How do I send a message to the team members about the schedule?
When you schedule a Game/Practice/Event, select the option to notify all team members. Then the application will automatically send the message to all team members.
How do I sync my schedules with external calendars like Google, iCalender...?
Click on the Subscribe button and follow the instructions to sync the schedules with the external calendars. The Subscribe option is available from all areas where the schedules are displayed.
How can I update game scores?
Navigate to Schedule > UpdateScores. At the right end of the page, under Actions click on Update Scores icon. You can also update scores in the tournament brackets page and also in the team area under each team.
Can I reschedule a match?
Yes, to reschedule a match, please navigate to Schedule > Schedule List. Select a schedule and under Actions click on Update.
How can I update standings?
Standings are calculated and updated automatically when the game scores are updated.
How do I generate tournament schedules?
To generate tournament schedules, navigate to Schedule > League/Tournament/Season. Click and open one of the available tournaments. At the top right of the page, click on Generate Tournament/Playoffs Bracket icon and follow the steps.
How do I generate league schedules?
To generate league schedules, navigate to Schedule > League/Tournament/Season. Click and open one of the available leagues. Click on Generate League Schedules and follow the steps.