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We have Answers for your FAQ

Is it possible to integrate SportsPlus with the organization website dynamically?

Yes. SportsPlus provides options to integrate programs, fields, staff members, gallery directly with the website. Any changes to programs, fields, staff members or gallery will be reflected on the website immediately. This way all important data will be managed from just one place that is SportsPlus platform.

What all sports are covered?

SportsPlus covers all most all sports.  More than 60 sports including team sports, individual sports, water sports and winter sports.

Does SportsPlus send payment reminders to athlete's who have not paid on the due date?

Yes. Reminders will be sent to athletes and parents. Staff members can be on top of the payment dues using the advanced and easy to use payment reports. Staff members can also send personalized reminders to athletes and parents.

Is it possible to post announcements to athletes who are not part of teams?

Yes. SportsPlus facilitates easy communicate with all organization members irrespective of if they are part of a team or not. Organization can update all its members with up to date information with few simple steps. Organization teams can communicate in their team portal independent of the organization.

Can we use SportsPlus only for organization management?

You can certainly use SportsPlus to manage your sports organization. But there is more to it. All organization teams can use team management portal to manage their teams independent of the organization. All organization athletes can use athlete management portal to manage their performance, profile, schedules, and network.

How does the free trial work?

Simply sign up for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold plan. You will immediately receive all the benefits offered by the plan, but you will pay nothing for the first 14 days.

Is the price included for all organization teams?

Yes. All organization members and teams are covered. They don't have to pay separately. All organization teams can enjoy our premium team management features.

Can I change plans or cancel anytime? Can I get refund?

Yes. You can change your plan or cancel at any time. If you cancel your 14-day trial of a Bronze, Silver, or Gold subscription within 14 days, you will pay nothing. Unfortunately, we can not refund the fee for the past months that's already used.

How much will SportsPlus cost?

Both free and paid plans are available depending on the need. Please check our pricing plans. You can start with a free trial and then you can upgrade your account as needed.

How will SportsPlus secure my credit card details?

The payment is processed by Braintree which is a Paypal company. SportsPlus only receives the payment and not your credit card/debit card details. So your credit card/debit card details are not stored in our database. Braintree guarantees security of your card details.

Is it possible to update payment details manually for field reservations?

Yes. Organization staff with right permissions can update payment details manually for field reservations.